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Coppes Electronics is able to repair and refurbish all types of Power Supplies and Test Equipment. Click here  for further information. All Repair Prices are quoted as a Not to Exceed Pricing and actual time spent on Repair plus Materials will be billed to the customer.

If you need a power supply in hurry we have many of the more popular Power Supplies available for immediate delivery. Click here to view our current inventory. All power supplies are sold refurbished. The refurbishment process includes, cleaning, inspection, a full functional test, and replacement of corroded hardware, New Electrolytic Capacitors as needed, as well as re-torquing of all hardware. NIST Traceable Calibration Certificate Z540-3 compliant, including test data, is available.

Coppes Electronics also offers Rental Power Supplies.

Coppes Electronics will also take Power Supplies in exchange. We will also purchase your Surplus Working or Non-working units.

For further information please call or E-mail.

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