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Coppes Electronics has over 20 years experience in repairing test equipment, and power supplies. We can service most of the older Lambda power supplies. Should you have one of the special Lambda Power Supplies with the modified part numbers, we support these types of units as well. We can provide reverse Engineering as required to support all types of units including special units with additional circuit boards.

The process begins with a thorough dissasembly and cleaning. Then the unit is given exhaustive performance tests to determine the exact nature of any failures, followed by any required repair, including replacement of defective parts. The unit will then be re-tested and adjustments made as required to ensure that it meets specifications. Actual test data will be provided to the customer, to show that major parameters are within specification. All repaired units are covered by a Two Year Parts and Labor Warranty for the Repairs. NIST Calibration with Test Data is provided on all units. Please call for repair of Lambda units not listed.

REPAIR QUOTES - effective July 1, 2013

Our repair quotes are based on a $25.00 per hour shop rate, plus parts costs. The prices below are a Not to Exceed Price. Please phone 1-520-301-4528 for repair prices on units not listed below. Shipping charges are not included. Coppes Electronics offers Free Evaluation before repair and provides a written quote. We always provide a formal quote in writing or by E-mail before any repair work is started. Please Note- Repair prices do not include modifications or updates to the power supply.

Repair Pricing effective 6/01/2013
LNS-Z Series    LCS-A Series   LND Series
LNS-Z-5-OV $115.00   LCS-A-5-OV$150.00LND-Z- 152$125.00
LNS-Z-6$115.00   LCS-A-6$150.00LND-Y- 152$175.00
LNS-Z-12$115.00   LCS-A-8$150.00LND-X- 152$200.00
LNS-Z-15$115.00   LCS-A-10$150.00LND-W- 152$225.00
LNS-Z-20$115.00   LCS-A-12$150.00LND-P- 152$250.00
LNS-Z-24$115.00   LCS-A-15$150.00LND-X- MPU$200.00
LNS-Z-28$115.00   LCS-A-18$150.00   LCS-2 Series
LNS-Y Series   LCS-A- 20$150.00LCS-2-01$150.00
LNS-Y-5-OV$150.00   LCS-A-24$150.00LCS-2- 02$150.00
LNS-Y-6$150.00   LCS-A-28$150.00LCS-2- 03$150.00
LNS-Y-12$150.00   LCS-A-36$150.00LCS-2- 04$150.00
LNS-Y-15$150.00   LCS-A-48$150.00LCS-2- 05$150.00
LNS-Y-20$150.00   LCS-A-01$150.00   LCS-3 Series
LNS-Y-24$150.00   LCS-A-02$150.00LCS-3- 01$150.00
LNS-Y-28$150.00   LCS-A-03$150.00LCS-3- 02$150.00
LNS-X SeriesLCS-A- 04$150.00LCS-3-03$150.00
LNS-X-5-OV$175.00   LCS-A-05$175.00LCS-3- 04$150.00
LNS-X-6$175.00   LCS-B SeriesLCS-3-05$150.00
LNS-X-12$175.00   LCS-B-5-OV$175.00   LCS-4 Series
LNS-X-15$175.00   LCS-B-6$175.00LCS-4- 01$200.00
LNS-X-20$175.00   LCS-B-12$175.00LCS-4- 02$200.00
LNS-X-24$175.00   LCS-B-15$175.00LCS-4- 03$200.00
LNS-X-28$175.00   LCS-B-20$175.00LCS-4-5- OV$200.00
LNS-W Series   LCS-B- 24$175.00LCS-4-6$200.00
LNS-W-5-OV$200.00   LCS-B-28$175.00LCS-4- 12$200.00
LNS-W-6$200.00   LCS-B-36$175.00LCS-4- 15$200.00
LNS-W-12$200.00   LCS-B-48$175.00LCS-4- 20$200.00
LNS-W-15$200.00   LCS-B-01$175.00LCS-4- 24$200.00
LNS-W-20$200.00   LCS-B-02$175.00LCS-4- 28$200.00
LNS-W-24$200.00   LCS-B-03$175.00LCS-4- 36$200.00
LNS-W-28$200.00   LCS-C SeriesLCS-4-48$200.00
LNS-P Series   LCS-C-5- OV$200.00LCD-A Series
LNS-P-5-OV$225.00   LCS-C-6$200.00LCD-A- 11$200.00
LNS-P-6$225.00   LCS-C-12$200.00LCD-A- 22$200.00
LNS-P-12$225.00   LCS-C-15$200.00LCD-A- 33$200.00
LNS-P-15$225.00   LCS-C-20$200.00LCD-A- 44$200.00
LNS-P-20$225.00   LCS-C-24$200.00LCD-A- 55$200.00
LNS-P-24$225.00   LCS-C-28$200.00   LCD-2 Series
LNS-P-28$225.00   LCS-C-36$200.00LCD-2- 11$200.00
LNS-P-48$225.00   LCS-C-48$200.00LCD-2- 22$200.00
LDS-Y Series   LCS-C- 01$200.00LCD-2-33$200.00
LDS-Y-5-OV$175.00   LCS-C-02$200.00LCD-2- 44$200.00
LDS-Y-12$175.00   LCS-C-03$200.00LCD-2- 55$200.00
LDS-Y-15$175.00   LCS-CC SeriesLCD-4 Series
LDS-Y-20$175.00   LCS-CC-5-OV$250.00LCD-4- 11$250.00
LDS-Y-24$175.00   LCS-CC-6$250.00LCD-4- 22$250.00
LDS-Y-28$175.00   LCS-CC-12$250.00LCS-4- 33$250.00
LDS-Y-48$175.00   LCS-CC-15$250.00LCD-4- 44$250.00
LDS-Y-01$175.00   LCS-CC-20$250.00LCD-4- 55$250.00
LDS-Y-02$175.00   LCS-CC-24$250.00   LRS-52 Series
LDS-Y-03$175.00  ' LCS-CC-28$250.00LRS-52- 2$250.00
LDS-X Series   LCS-CC- 48$250.00LRS-52-5$250.00
LDS-X-5-OV$200.00   LCS-CC-01$250.00LRS-52- 12$250.00
LDS-X-12$200.00   LCS-CC-02$250.00LRS-52- 15$250.00
LDS-X-15$200.00   LCS-CC-03$250.00LRS-52- 20$250.00
LDS-X-24$200.00   LCS-D SeriesLRS-52-24$250.00
LDS-X-28$200.00   LCS-D-5-OV$300.00LRS-52- 28$250.00
LDS-X-01$200.00   LCS-D-6$300.00LRS-52- 48$250.00
LDS-X-02$200.00   LCS-D-12$300.00   LRS-53 Series
LDS-X-03$200.00   LCS-D-15$300.00LRS-53- 2$350.00
LDS-W Series   LCS-D- 20$300.00LRS-53-5$350.00
LDS-W-5-OV$225.00   LCS-D-24$300.00LRS-53- 6$350.00
LDS-W-12$225.00   LCS-D-28$300.00LRS-53- 12$350.00
LDS-W-15$225.00   LCS-D-48$300.00LRS-53- 15$350.00
LDS-W-20$225.00   LCS-D-01$300.00LRS-53- 20$350.00
LDS-W-24$225.00   LCS-D-02$300.00LRS-53- 24$350.00
LDS-W-28$225.00   LCS-D-03$300.00LRS-53- 28$350.00
LDS-W-01$225.00   LCS-E SeriesLRS-53-48$350.00
LDS-W-02$225.00   LCS-E-5-OV$350.00   LRS-54 Series
LDS-W-03$225.00   LCS-E-6$350.00LRS-54- 2$450.00
LDS-P Series   LCS-E- 12$350.00LRS-54-5$450.00
LDS-P-5-OV$250.00   LCS-E-15$350.00LRS-54- 6$450.00
LDS-P-12$250.00   LCS-E-20$350.00LRS-54-12$450.00
LDS-P-15$250.00   LCS-E-24$350.00LRS-54-15$450.00
LDS-P-20$250.00   LCS-E-28$350.00LRS-54-20$450.00
LDS-P-24$250.00   LCS-E-48$350.00LRS-54-24$450.00
LDS-P-28$250.00   LCS-E-01$350.00LRS-54-28$450.00
LDS-P-01$250.00   LCS-E-02$350.00LRS-54-48$450.00
LDS-P-02$250.00   LCS-E-03$350.00   LRS-55 Series
LDS-P-03$250.00   LCS-EE SeriesLRS-55-2 $550.00
LXS-B Series   LCS-EE-5- OV$400.00LRS-55-5$550.00
LXS-B-5-OV$175.00   LCS-EE-6$400.00LRS-55- 6$550.00
LXS-B-6$175.00   LCS-EE-12$400.00LRS-55- 12$550.00
LXS-B-12$175.00   LCS-EE-15$400.00LRS-55- 15$550.00
LXS-B-15$175.00   LCS-EE-20$400.00LRS-55- 20$550.00
LXS-C Series   LCS-EE- 24$400.00LRS-55-24$550.00
LXS-C-5-OV$200.00   LCS-EE-28$400.00LRS-55- 28$550.00
LXS-C-6$200.00   LCS-EE-48$400.00LRS-55- 48$550.00
LXS-C-12$200.00   LM A SeriesLRS-56 Series
LXS-C-15$200.00   LM 201$150.00LRS-56- 2$650.00
LXS-LXD Series   LM 202$150.00LRS-56-5$650.00
Limited Parts Available   LM 203$150.00LRS-56-6$650.00
LXS-A Series$150.00   LM 204$150.00LRS-56- 12$650.00
LXD-A-152$200.00   LM 205$150.00LRS-56- 15$650.00
LXS-CC Series$250.00   LM 206$150.00LRS-56- 20$650.00
LXD-CC-152$300.00   LM 207$150.00LRS-56- 24$650.00
LXS-D Series$300.00   LM 208$150.00LRS-56- 28$650.00
LXD-D-152$350.00   LM SeriesLRS-56-48$650.00
LXS-E Series$350.00   LM 217$175.00   LRS-57 Series
LXS-EE Series$400.00   LM 218$175.00LRS-57- 2$875.00
LXD-EE-152$450.00   LM 219$175.00LRS-57- 5$875.00
LXD Series   LM 220$175.00LRS-57-6$875.00
LXD-B-062$200.00   LM 225$200.00LRS-57- 12$875.00
LXD-B-152$200.00   LM 226$200.00LRS-57- 15$875.00
LXD-C-062$250.00   LM 227$200.00LRS-57- 20$875.00
LXD-C-152$250.00   LM 228$200.00LRS-57- 24$875.00
LXT-D-5152$650.00   LM 229$200.00LRS-57- 28$875.00
LQ Series   LM 251$150.00LRS-57-48$875.00
LQ-410$250.00   LM 257$150.00   LRS-58 Series
LQ-411$250.00   LM 259$150.00LRS-58- 2$975.00
LQ-412$250.00   LM 260$150.00LRS-58- 5$975.00
LQ-413$250.00   LM 261$150.00LRS-58- 6$975.00
LQ-415$350.00   LM 262$150.00LRS-58- 12$975.00
LQD Series-Prices Cover Both Sections   LM 263$150.00LRS-58- 15$975.00
LQD-421$300.00   LM 264$150.00LRS-58- 20$975.00
LQD-422$300.00   LM 265$150.00LRS-58- 24$975.00
LQD-423$300.00   LM 266$150.00LRS-58- 28$975.00
LQD-424$300.00   LM 268$150.00LRS-58- 48$975.00
LQD-425$350.00   LM B Series   LK Series
LQ-520$300.00   LM-B-0-7$175.00LK- 340$350.00
LQ-521$300.00   LM-B-0-14$175.00LK- 341$350.00
LQ-522$300.00   LM-B-0-32$175.00LK- 342$350.00
LQ-523$300.00   LM-B-3$175.00LK- 343$350.00
LQ-524$300.00   LM-B-5$175.00LK- 344$350.00
LQ-530$350.00   LM-B-6$175.00LK- 345$350.00
LQ-531$350.00   LM-B-10$175.00LK- 350$400.00
LQ-532$350.00   LM-B-12$175.00LK- 351$400.00
LQ-533$350.00   LM-B-15$175.00LK- 352$400.00
LQ-534$350.00   LM-B-20$175.00LK- 360$450.00
LP Series   LM-B- 24$175.00LK-361$450.00
LP-410$200.00   LM-B-28$175.00LM C Series
LP-411$200.00   LM-B-36$175.00LM-C-0- 14$400.00
LP-412$200.00   LM-B-48$175.00LM-C-0- 32$200.00
LP-413$200.00   LM CC Series   LM-C-0- 60$200.00
LP-414$200.00   LM-CC-5$250.00LM-C- 5$200.00
LP-415$250.00   LM-CC-6$250.00LM-C- 6$200.00
LP-520$250.00   LM-CC-10$250.00LM-C- 10$200.00
LP-521$250.00   LM-CC-12$250.00LM-C- 12$200.00
LP-522$250.00   LM-CC-12$250.00LM-C- 15$200.00
LP-523$250.00   LM-CC-15$250.00LM-C- 20$200.00
LP-524$250.00   LM-CC-20$250.00LM-C- 24$200.00
LPD-421$250.00   LM-CC-24$250.00LM-C- 28$200.00
LPD-422$250.00   LM-CC-28$250.00LM-C- 36$200.00
LPD-423$250.00   LM-CC-36$250.00LM-C- 48$200.00
LPD-424$250.00   LM-CC-48$250.00LM D Series
LPD-425$300.00   LM E Series   LM D 0- 14$300.00
Lambda LM EE Series   LM E 0-7$350.00LM D 0-32$300.00
LM-EE 0-7$400.00   LM E0-14$350.00LM D 0- 60$300.00
LM-EE 0-14$400.00   LM E0-32$350.00LM-D- 5$300.00
LM-EE 0-32$400.00   LM E0-60$350.00LM-D- 10$300.00
LM-EE 0-60$400.00   LM-E-5$350.00LM-D- 12$300.00
LM-EE-5$400.00   LM-E-6$350.00LM-D- 15$300.00
LM-EE-6$400.00   LM-E-12$350.00LM-D- 20$300.00
LM-EE-12$400.00   LM-E-20$350.00LM-D- 24$300.00
LM-EE-15$400.00   LM-E-24$350.00LM-D- 28$300.00
LM-EE-20$400.00   LM-E-28$350.00LM-D- 36$300/00
LM-EE-36$400.00   LM-E-36$350.00LM-D- 48$300.00
LM-EE-48$400.00   LM-E-48$350.00

Last Update July 1, 2013
Phone (520) 301-4528