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Coppes Electronics has over 22 years experience in repairing test equipment, and power supplies. We offer Repair, Refurbishing, as well as complete Rebuilding, or Overhaul on most of the Lambda, HP, Agilent, Keysight, Kepco and Sorensen power supplies. We support all the modified Lambda Power Supplies as well. Additionally, we can provide reverse Engineering as required to support all of the units, even the special units with additional circuit boards. Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority with different repair options available to fit most budgets.

The repair process starts with the Quote and any recommendations for the repair that would best suit the customer requirements based on the following, age of the unit, nature of failure, and cost limit, as well as problem history, as requested by the customer. All Refurbished, Extensive Repair, and Overhauled power supplies, are completely refurbished with New Electrolytic Capacitors. We offer Four types of Repair services as listed below. After all repairs are complete the Power Supply will be tested under load and placed in the Burn-In process. After which the unit is tested and adjustments made as required to ensure that it meets specifications. The Final step is the Calibration of the unit. The test data will be provided to the customer, to show that major parameters are within specification. All Repaired units come with up to a Two Year Parts and Labor Warranty. All Overhauled and Extensive Repair units come with up to Three Year Parts and Labor Warranty. Test Data is provided at no charge. NIST Calibration is available. Please call for repair of Power Supplies units not listed.

We also work on the following power supplies, Acme, Acopian, Condor, Power Designs, Power One, SL Power, Standard Power, and others as well, Please call or E-mail for Repair Prices.

A Note to all our customers. The Repair Process used by Coppes Electronics includes trouble shooting and analysis to the component level. We do not, and never have, installed used parts from other used power supplies. We do not purchase units from Ebay, Used-Line, or anywhere else and swap boards, assemblies, or components. We do not use any used parts from any other sources. Additionally, we have a full counterfeit avoidance process in place.

Do you want to save your company big dollars? Each year tens of thousands of power supplies have failures due to ever increasing noise and ripple caused by aging and damaged Electrolytic Capacitors. If you would prefer to have your power supplies on a capacitor maintenance program we can help. All Electrolytic Capacitors installed in Switching Power Supplies or SMPS should be replaced after 5 to 7 Years in service. Linear Power Supplies should have all the Electrolytic Capacitors replaced after 7 to 10 years of service. Additionally, we will thoroughly condition the New Electrolytic Capacitors over 8 to 10 days for 36 to 40 hours using our specially designed Burn-In process. We have shipped over 500 units in the last five years with less than 1% warranty returns.

Coppes Electronics has one of the largest technical Libraries for Lambda Electronics, HP, Agilent, Keysight, Kepco and Sorensen Power Supplies outside of orignal equipment manufacturers. Our vast technical Library allows us to perform OEM level repairs with exact or equivelant replacement parts commercially available. Coppes Electronics also maintains a large Inventory of traceable parts in order to repair power supplies for the US Military and Defense Contractors.

REPAIR QUOTES - effective June 1, 2016

The following quotes are for a Standard Repair. Please contact us for details regarding the Overhaul Power Supplies. Please phone 1-574-241-3636 for repair prices on units not listed below. Shipping charges are not included. Coppes Electronics offers Free Evaluation before repair, and provides a written quote. We always provide a formal quote in writing or by E-mail before any repair work is started. Please Note- Repair prices do not include modifications or updates to the power supply. We repair 99% of the power supplies received, the exception is units with damaged transformers. We Accept the following for Payment of Services, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Paypal.

Repair Units: Warranty-up to 2 Years.

Overhauled and Extensive Repair Units: Warranty- 3 Years

If you have a Power Supply for Repair that is not listed, Please call.

For Repair Service Please contact us for a Quote by phone or E-mail. 1-574-241-3636,

Shop Rate $25.00 per hour.


EWS100 Series EWS100P Series FE Series
EWS100-5 $100.00 EWS100P-5 $125.00 FE0500-24NA $250.00
EWS100-6 $100.00 EWS100P-6 $125.00 FE0500-48RA $250.00
EWS100-9 $100.00 EWS100P-9 $125.00 FE1000-24NA $300.00
EWS100-12 $100.00 EWS100P-12 $125.00 FE1000-48RA $300.00
EWS100-15 $100.00 EWS100P-15 $125.00 FE1500-24NA $400.00
EWS100-18 $100.00 EWS100P-18 $125.00 FE1500-48RA $400.00
EWS100-24 $100.00 EWS100P-24 $125.00 FE2000-24NA $450.00
EWS100-28 $100.00 EWS100P-28 $125.00 FE2000-48RA $450.00
EWS150 Series EWS150P Series H Series
EWS150-5 $125.00 EWS150P-5 $150.00 HSN5-9-OVP $50.00
EWS150-6 $125.00 EWS150P-6 $150.00 HSN12-5.1 $50.00
EWS150-9 $125.00 EWS150P-9 $150.00 HSN15-4.5 $50.00
EWS150-12 $125.00 EWS150P-12 $150.00 HSN24-3.6 $50.00
EWS150-15 $125.00 EWS150P-15 $150.00 HSN28-2.0 $50.00
EWS150-18 $125.00 EWS150P-18 $150.00 HSD5-12-OVP $65.00
EWS150-24 $125.00 EWS150P-24 $150.00 HSD24-4.8 $65.00
EWS150-28 $125.00 EWS150P-28 $150.00 HSD28-4.0 $65.00
EWS150-48 $125.00 EWS150P-48 $150.00 HR-9 Series
EWS300 Series EWS300P Series HR-9-5 $100.00
EWS300-5 $225.00 EWS300P-5$250.00 HR-9-6 $100.00
EWS300-6 $225.00 EWS300P-6 $250.00 HR-9-9 $100.00
EWS300-9 $225.00 EWS300P-9$250.00 HR-9-12 $100.00
EWS300-12 $225.00 EWS300P-12 $250.00 HR-9-15 $100.00
EWS300-15 $225.00 EWS300P-15 $250.00 HR-9-18 $100.00
EWS300-18 $225.00 EWS300P-18 $250.00 HR-9-20 $100.00
EWS300-24 $225.00 EWS300P-24 $250.00 HR-9-24 $100.00
EWS300-28 $225.00 EWS300P-28 $250.00 HR-9-28 $100.00
EWS300-48 $225.00 EWS300P-48 $250.00 HR-9F Series
EWS600 Series EWS600P Series HR-9F-5 $100.00
EWS600-5 $325.00 EWS600P-5 $350.00 HR-9F-6 $100.00
EWS600-6 $325.00 EWS600P-6 $350.00 HR-9F-9 $100.00
EWS600-9 $325.00 EWS600P-9 $350.00 HR-9F-12 $100.00
EWS600-12 $325.00 EWS600P-12 $350.00 HR-9F-15 $100.00
EWS600-15 $325.00 EWS600P-15 $350.00 HR-9F-18 $100.00
EWS600-18 $325.00 EWS600P-18 $350.00 HR-9F-20 $100.00
EWS600-24 $325.00 EWS600P-24 $350.00 HR-9F-24 $100.00
EWS600-28 $325.00 EWS600P-28 $350.00 HR-9F-28 $100.00
EWS600-48 $325.00 EWS600P-48 $350.00 HR-10 Series
LCS-A Series JFS Series HR-10-5 $125.00
LCS-A-5-OV $100.00 JFS0500-24 $250.00 HR-10-6 $125.00
LCS-A-6 $100.00 JFS0500-48 $250.00 HR-10-9 $125.00
LCS-A-8 $100.00 JFS0750-24 $275.00 HR-10-12 $125.00
LCS-A-10 $100.00 JFS0750-48 $275.00 HR-10-15 $125.00
LCS-A-12 $100.00 JFS-1000-24 $300.00 HR-10-18 $125.00
LCS-A-15 $100.00 JFS-1000-48 $300.00 HR-10-20 $125.00
LCS-A-18 $100.00 JFS-1500-24 $400.00 HR-10-24 $125.00
LCS-A-20 $100.00 JFS-1500-48 $400.00 HR-10-28 $125.00
LCS-A-24 $100.00 JFA-2000-24 $450.00 HR-10-36 $125.00
LCS-A-28 $100.00 JFS-2000-48 $450.00 HR-10-48 $125.00
LCS-A-36 $100.00 LPD-420 Series HR-10F Series
LCS-A-48 $100.00 LPD-421A-FM $250.00 HR-10F-5 $125.00
LCS-A-01 $100.00 LPD-422A-FM $250.00 HR-10F-6 $125.00
LCS-A-02 $100.00 LPD-423A-FM $250.00 HR-10F-9 $125.00
LCS-A-03 $100.00 LPD-424A-FM $250.00 HR-10F-12 $125.00
LCS-A-04 $100.00 LPD-425A-FM $250.00 HR-10F-15 $125.00
LCS-A-05 $100.00 LCS-D Series HR-10F-18 $125.00
LCS-B Series LCS-D-5-OV $250.00 HR-10F-20 $125.00
LCS-B-5-OV $125.00 LCS-D-6 $250.00 HR-10F-24 $125.00
LCS-B-6 $125.00 LCS-D-12 $250.00 HR-10F-28 $125.00
LCS-B-12 $125.00 LCS-D-15 $250.00 HR-10F-36 $125.00
LCS-B-15 $125.00 LCS-D-20 $250.00 HR-10F-48 $125.00
LCS-B-20 $125.00 LCS-D-24 $250.00 HR-11 Series
LCS-B-24 $125.00 LCS-D-28 $250.00 HR-11-5 $150.00
LCS-B-28 $125.00 LCS-D-48 $250.00 HR-11-6 $150.00
LCS-B-36 $125.00 LCS-D-01 $250.00 HR-11-9 $150.00
LCS-B-48 $125.00 LCS-D-02 $250.00 HR-11-12 $150.00
LCS-B-01 $125.00 LCS-D-03 $250.00 HR-11-15 $150.00
LCS-B-02 $125.00 LCS-E Series HR-11-18 $150.00
LCS-B-03 $125.00 LCS-E-5-OV $300.00 HR-11-20 $150.00
LCS-C Series LCS-E-6 $300.00 HR-11-24 $150.00
LCS-C-5-OV $150.00 LCS-E-12 $300.00 HR-11-28 $150.00
LCS-C-6 $150.00 LCS-E-15 $300.00 HR-11-36 $150.00
LCS-C-12 $150.00 LCS-E-20 $300.00 HR-11-48$150.00
LCS-C-15 $150.00 LCS-E-24 $300.00 HR-11F Series
LCS-C-20 $150.00 LCS-E-28 $300.00 HR-11F-5 $150.00
LCS-C-24 $150.00 LCS-E-48 $300.00 HR-11F-6 $150.00
LCS-C-28 $150.00 LCS-E-01 $300.00 HR-11F-9 $150.00
LCS-C-36 $150.00 LCS-E-02 $300.00 HR-11F-12 $150.00
LCS-C-48 $150.00 LCS-E-03 $300.00 HR-11F-15 $150.00
LCS-C-01 $150.00 LCS-EE Series HR-11F-18 $150.00
LCS-C-02 $150.00 LCS-EE-5-OV $350.00 HR-11F-20 $150.00
LCS-C-03 $150.00 LCS-EE-6 $350.00 HR-11F-24 $150.00
LCS-CC Series LCS-EE-12 $350.00 HR-11F-28 $150.00
LCS-CC-5-OV $200.00 LCS-EE-15 $350.00 HR-11F-36 $150.00
LCS-CC-6 $200.00 LCS-EE-20 $350.00 HR-11F-48 $150.00
LCS-CC-12 $200.00 LCS-EE-24 $350.00 HR-12 Series
LCS-CC-15 $200.00 LCS-EE-28 $350.00 HR-12-5 $175.00
LCS-CC-20 $200.00 LCS-EE-48 $350.00 HR-12-6 $175.00
LCS-CC-24 $200.00 LCS-EE-01 $350.00 HR-12-9 $175.00
LCS-CC-28 $200.00 LCS-EE-02 $350.00 HR-12-12 $175.00
LCS-CC-48 $200.00 LCS-EE-03 $350.00 HR-12-15 $175.00
LCS-CC-01 $200.00 LCS-1 Series HR-12-18 $175.00
LCS-CC-02 $200.00 LCS-1-01 $100.00 HR-12-20 $175.00
LCS-CC-03 $200.00 LCS-1-02 $100.00 HR-12-24 $175.00
LCS-2 Series LCS-1-03 $100.00 HR-12-28 $175.00
LCS-2-01 $100.00 LCS-1-04 $100.00 HR-12-36 $175.00
LCS-2-02 $100.00 LCS-3 Series HR-12-48 $175.00
LCS-2-03 $100.00 LCS-3-01 $100.00 HR-12F Series
LCS-2-04 $100.00 LCS-3-02 $100.00 HR-12F-5 $175.00
LCS-2-05 $100.00 LCS-3-03 $100.00 HR-12F-6 $175.00
LCS-4 Series LCS-3-04 $100.00 HR-12F-9 $175.00
LCS-4-5-OV $125.00 LCS-3-05 $100.00 HR-12F-12 $175.00
LCS-4-6 $125.00 LCD-A Series HR-12F-15 $175.00
LCS-4-12 $125.00 LCD-A-11 $150.00 HR-12F-18 $175.00
LCS-4-15 $125.00 LCD-A-22 $150.00 HR-12F-20 $175.00
LCS-4-20 $125.00 LCD-A-33 $150.00 HR-12F-24 $175.00
LCS-4-24 $125.00 LCD-A-44 $150.00 HR-12F-28 $175.00
LCS-4-28 $125.00 LCD-A-55 $150.00 HR-12F-36 $175.00
LCS-4-36 $125.00 LCD Series HR-12F-48 $175.00
LCS-4-48 $125.00 LCD-4-11 $150.00 LES Series
LCS-4-01 $125.00 LCD-4-22 $150.00 LES-EE-01-OV $400.00
LCS-4-02 $125.00 LCD-4-33 $150.00 LES-F-01-OV $400.00
LCS-4-03 $125.00 LCD-4-44 $150.00 LES-02-EE-OV $400.00
LCS-4-04 $125.00 LCD-4-55 $150.00 LES-02-F-OV $400.00
LCS-4-05 $125.00 LCD-4-152 $150.00 LES-EE-03-OV $400.00
LDS-Y Series LDS-X Series LES-03-F-OV $400.00
LDS-Y-5-OV $175.00 LDS-X-5-OV $200.00 LES-EE-04-OV $400.00
LDS-Y-12 $175.00 LDS-X-12 $200.00 LES-F-04-OV $400.00
LDS-Y-15 $175.00 LDS-X-15 $200.00 LDS-W Series
LDS-Y-20 $175.00 LDS-X-20 $200.00 LDS-W-5-OV $225.00
LDS-Y-24 $175.00 LDS-X-24 $200.00 LDS-W-12 $225.00
LDS-Y-28 $175.00 LDS-X-28 $200.00 LDS-W-15 $225.00
LDS-Y-48 $175.00 LDS-X-48 $200.00 LDS-W-20 $225.00
LDS-Y-01 $175.00 LDS-X-01 $200.00 LDS-W-24 $225.00
LDS-Y-02 $175.00 LDS-X-02 $200.00 LDS-W-28 $225.00
LDS-Y-03 $175.00 LDS-X-03 $200.00 LDS-W-48 $225.00
LDS-P Series LFS-41 Series LDS-W-01 $225.00
LDS-P-5-OV $250.00 LFS-41-5 $100.00 LDS-W-02 $225.00
LDS-P-12 $250.00 LFS-41-6 $100.00 LDS-W-03 $225.00
LDS-P-15 $250.00 LFS-41-12 $100.00 LFS-42 Series
LDS-P-20 $250.00 LFS-41-15 $100.00 LFS-42-5 $125.00
LDS-P-24 $250.00 LFS-41-20 $100.00 LFS-42-6 $125.00
LDS-P-28 $250.00 LFS-41-24 $100.00 LFS-42-12 $125.00
LDS-P-48 $250.00 LFS-41-28 $100.00 LFS-42-15 $125.00
LFS-43 Series LFS-41-48 $100.00 LFS-42-20 $125.00
LFS-43-5 $150.00 LFS-44 Series LFS-42-24 $125.00
LFS-43-6 $150.00 LFS-44-5 $175.00 LFS-42-28 $125.00
LFS-43-12 $150.00 LFS-44-6 $175.00 LFS-42-48 $125.00
LFS-43-15 $150.00 LFS-44-12 $175.00 LFS-45 Series
LFS-43-20 $150.00 LFS-44-15 $175.00 LFS-45-5 $225.00
LFS-43-24 $150.00 LFS-44-20 $175.00 LFS-45-6 $225.00
LFS-43-28 $150.00 LFS-44-24 $175.00 LFS-45-12 $225.00
LFS-43-48 $150.00 LFS-44-28 $175.00 LFS-45-15 $225.00
LFS-45A Series LFS-44-48 $175.00 LFS-45-20 $225.00
LFS-45A-5 $225.00 LFS-46 Series LFS-45-24 $225.00
LFS-45A-6 $225.00 LFS-46-5 $250.00 LFS-45-28 $225.00
LFS-45A-12 $225.00 LFS-46-6 $250.00 LFS-45-48 $225.00
LFS-45A-15 $225.00 LFS-46-12 $250.00 LFS-47 Series
LFS-45A-20 $225.00 LFS-46-15 $250.00 LFS-47-5 $300.00
LFS-45A-24 $225.00 LFS-46-20 $250.00 LFS-47-6 $300.00
LFS-45A-28 $225.00 LFS-46-24 $250.00 LFS-47-12 $300.00
LFS-45A-48 $225.00 LFS-46-28 $250.00 LFS-47-15 $300.00
LFS-48 Series LFS-46-48 $250.00 LFS-47-20 $300.00
LFS-48-5 $350.00 LFS-49 Series LFS-47-24 $300.00
LFS-48-6 $350.00 LFS-49-5 $400.00 LFS-47-28 $300.00
LFS-48-12 $350.00 LFS-49-6 $400.00 LFS-47-48 $300.00
LFS-48-15 $350.00 LFS-49-12 $400.00 LFS-50 Series
LFS-48-20 $350.00 LFS-49-15 $400.00 LFS-50-5 $450.00
LFS-48-24 $350.00 LFS-49-20 $400.00 LFS-50-6 $450.00
LFS-48-28$350.00 LFS-49-24$400.00 LFS-50-12$450.00
LFS-48-48 $350.00 LFS-49-28 $400.00 LFS-50-15 $450.00
LFQ Series LFS-49-48$400.00 LFS-50-20$450.00
LFQ-26 $350.00 LGS-5A Series LFS-50-24 $450.00
LFQ-26-1$350.00 LGS-5A-5-OV-R$350.00 LFS-50-28$450.00
LFQ-27$400.00 LGS-5A-6-OV-R$350.00 LFS-50-48$450.00
LFQ-27-1$400.00 LGS-5A-12-OV-R$350.00 LGS-6A Series
LFQ-28$450.00 LGS-5A-12-OV-R$350.00 LGS-6A-5-OV-R$450.00
LFQ-28-1$450.00 LGS-5A-15-OV-R$350.00 LGS-6A-6-OV-R$450.00
LFQ-29$500.00 LGS-5A-20-OV-R$350.00 LGS-6A-12-OV-R$450.00
LFQ-29-1$500.00 LGS-5A-24-OV-R$350.00 LGS-6A-15-OV-R$450.00
LFQ-30$550.00 LGS-5A-28-OV-R$350.00 LGS-6A-20-OV-R$450.00
LFQ30-1$550.00 LGS-EEA Series LGS-6A-24-OV-R$450.00
LGS-FA Series LGS-EEA-5-OV-R$500.00 LGS-6A-28-OV-R$450.00
LGS-FA-5-OV-R$550.00 LGS-EEA-6-OV-R$500.00 LJS-10 Series
LGS-FA-6-OV-R$550.00 LGS-EEA-12-OV-R$500.00 LJS-10-5-OV$200.00
LGS-FA-12-OV-R$550.00 LGS-EEA-15-OV-R$500.00 LJS-10-6-OV$200.00
LGS-FA-15-OV-R$550.00 LGA-EEA-20-OV-R$500.00 LJS-10-12-OV$200.00
LGS-FA-20-OV-R$550.00 LGS-EEA-24-OV-R$500.00 LJS-10-15-OV$200.00
LGS-FA-24-OV-R$550.00 LGS-EEA-28-OV-R$500.00 LJS-10-20-OV$200.00
LGS-FA-28-OV-R$550.00 LGS-EEA-48-OV-R$500.00 LJS-10-24-OV$200.00
LGS-FA-48-OV-R$550.00 LJS-10A Series LJS-10-28-OV$200.00
LJS-11 Series LJS-10A-5-OV$200.00 LJS-11A Series
LJS-11-5-0V$225.00 LJS-10A-6-OV$200.00 LJS-11A-5-OV$225.00
LJS-11-6-OV$225.00 LJS-10A-12-OV$200.00 LJS-11A-6-OV$225.00
LJS-11-12-OV$225.00 LJS-10A-15-OV$200.00 LJS-11A-12-OV$225.00
LJS-11-15-OV$225.00 LJS-10A-24-OV$200.00 LJS-11A-15-OV$225.00
LJS-11-20-OV$225.00 LJS-10A-28-OV$200.00 LJS-11A-20-OV$225.00
LJS-11-24-OV$225.00 LJS-12 Series LJS-11A-24-OV$225.00
LJS-11-28-OV$225.00 LJS-12-5-OV$250.00 LJS-11A-28-OV$225.00
LJS-12A Series LJS-12-6-OV$250.00 LJA-13 Series
LJS-12A-5-OV$250.00 LJS-12-12-OV$250.00 LJS-13-5-OV$200.00
LJS-12A-6-OV$250.00 LJS-12-15-OV$250.00 LJS-13-6-OV$200.00
LJS-12A-12-OV$250.00 LJS-12-20-OV$250.00 LJS-13-12-OV$200.00
LJS-12A-15-OV$250.00 LJS-12-24-OV$250.00 LJS-13-15-OV$200.00
LJS-12A-20-OV$250.00 LJS-12-28-OV$250.00 LJS-13-20-OV$200.00
LJS-12A-24-OV$250.00 LJS-13A Series LJS-13-24-OV$200.00
LJS-12A-28-OV$250.00 LJS-13A-5-OV$200.00 LJS-13-28-OV$200.00
LK Series LJS-13A-6-OV$200.00 LLS 3000 Series
LK-340-A-FM$350.00 LJS-13A-12-OV$200.00 LLS-3008$250.00
LK-341-A-FM$350.00 LJS-13A-15-OV$200.00 LLS-3018$250.00
LK-342-A-FM$350.00 LJS-13A-20-OV$200.00 LLS-3040$250.00
LK-343-A-FM$350.00 LJS-13A-24-OV$200.00 LLS-3060$250.00
LK-344-A-FM$350.00 LJS-13A-28-OV$200.00 LLS-3060$250.00
LK-345-A-FM$350.00 LLS 4000 Series LLS-3120$250.00
LK-350-FM$400.00 LLS-4008$300.00 LLS 5000 Series
LK-351-FM$400.00 LLS-4018$300.00 LLS-5008$350.00
LK-352-FM$400.00 LLS-4040$300.00 LLS-5018$350.00
LK-360-FM$450.00 LLS-4060$300.00 LLS-5040$350.00
LK-361-FM$450.00 LLS-4060$300.00 LLS5060$350.00
LK-362-FM$450.00 LLS-4120$300.00 LLS-5120$350.00
LLS 6000 Series LLS-4300$300.00 LLS-5300$350.00
LLS-6008$400.00 LLS 7000 Series LLS 8000 Series
LLS-6018$400.00 LLS-7008$450.00 LLS-8008$500.00
LLS-6040$400.00 LLS-7018$450.00 LLS-8018$500.00
LLS-6060$400.00 LLS-7040$450.00 LLS-8040$500.00
LLS-6120$400.00 LLS-7120$450.00 LLS-8060$500.00
LLS-6300$400.00 LLS 9000 Series LLS-8120$450.00
LMS 3000 Series LLS-9008$550.00 LMS 4000 Series
LMS-3008$250.00 LLS-9018$550.00 LMS-4008$300.00
LMS-3018$250.00 LLS-9040$550.00 LMS-4018$300.00
LMS-3040$250.00 LLS-9060$550.00 LMS-4040$300.00
LMS-3060$250.00 LLS-9120$550.00 LMS-4060$300.00
LMS-3120$250.00 LLS-9300$550.00 LMS-4120$300.00
LMS 5000 Series LMS 6000 Series LMS-4300$300.00
LMS-5008$300.00 LMS-6008$350.00 LMS 7000 Series
LMS-5018$300.00 LMS-6018$350.00 LMS-7008$400.00
LMS-5040$300.00 LMS-6040$350.00 LMS-7018$400.00
LMS-5060$300.00 LMS-6060$350.00 LMS-7040$400.00
LMS-5120$300.00 LMS-6120$350.00 LMS-7060$400.00
LMS-5300$300.00 LMS-6300$350.00 LMS-7120$400.00
LMS 8000 Series LMS 9000 Series LM Series All ModelsCall For Price
LMS-8008$450.00 LMS-9008$500.00 LOS Series All ModelsCall For Price
LMS-8018$450.00 LMS-9018$500.00 LXS Series All ModelsCall for Prices
LMS-8040$450.00 LMS-9040$500.00 LYS Series All ModelsCall For Prices
LMS-8060$450.00 LMS-9060$500.00 MS Series All ModelsCall For Prices
LMS-8120$450.00 LMS-9120$500.00 PFC Series All ModelsCall For Prices
LND Series LMS-9300$500.00 RP Series All ModelsCall For Prices
LND-Z-152$85.00 LNS-Z Series SR Series All ModelsCall For Prices
LND-Y-152$125.00 LNS-Z-5-OV$50.00 LNS-X Series
LND-X-152$150.00 LNS-Z-6$50.00 LNS-X-5-OV$125.00
LND-W-152$175.00 LNS-Z-12$50.00 LNS-X-6$125.00
LND-P-152$225.00 LNS-Z-15$50.00 LNS-X-12$125.00
LND-X-MPU$150.00 LNS-Z-20$50.00 LNS-X-15$125.00
LND-P-MPU$225.00 LNS-Z-24$50.00 LNS-X-20$125.00
LNS-W Series LNS-Z-28$50.00 LNS-X-24$125.00
LNS-W-5-OV$150.00 LNS-P Series LNS-X-28$125.00
LNS-W-6$150.00 LNS-P-5-OV$175.00 LP Series
LNS-W-12$150.00 LNS-P-6$175.00 LP-410A-FM$150.00
LNS-W-15$150.00 LNS-P-12$175.00 LP-411A-FM$150.00
LNS-W-20$150.00 LNS-P-15$175.00 LP-412A-FM$150.00
LNS-W-24$150.00 LNS-P-20$175.00 LP-413A-FM$150.00
LNS-W-28$150.00 LNS-P-24$175.00 LP-414A-FM$150.00
LQ Series LNS-P-28$175.00 LP-415A-FM$150.00
LQ-410$175.00 LRA Series LP-520-FM$175.00
LQ-411$175.00 LRA 14 All Display Models$150.00 LP-521-FM$175.00
LQ-412$175.00 LRA 15 All Display Models$150.00 LP-522-FM$175.00
LQ-413$175.00 LRA 17 All Display Models$150.00 LP-523-FM$175.00
LQ-415$175.00 LRA 18 All Display Models$150.00 LP-524-FM$175.00
LQ-520$200.00 LRA 20 All Display Models$150.00 LP-530-FM$200.00
LQ-521$200.00 LMPS LRA Series LP-531-FM$200.00
LQ-522$200.00 PS-RO500-xxx Series$200.00 LP-532-FM$200.00
LQ-523$200.00 PS-RO750-xxx Series$200.00 LP-533-FM$200.00
LQ-524$200.00 PS-RO1000-xxx Series$200.00 LRS 52 Series
LQ-530$225.00 LQD Series LRS-52-5$150.00
LQ-531$225.00 LQD-421$250.00 LRS-52-6$150.00
LQ-532$225.00 LQD-422$250.00 LRS-52-12$150.00
LQ-533$225.00 LQD-423$250.00 LRS-52-15$150.00
LQ-534$225.00 LQD-424$250.00 LRS-52-20$150.00
LRS 53 Series LQD-425$250.00 LRS-52-24$150.00
LRS-53-5$175.00 LRS 54 Series LRS-52-28$150.00
LRS-53-6$175.00 LRS-54-5$200.00 LRS 55 Series
LRS-53-12$175.00 LRS-54-6$200.00 LRS-55-5$250.00
LRS-53-15$175.00 LRS-54-12$200.00 LRS-55-6$250.00
LRS-53-20$175.00 LRS-54-15$200.00 LRS-55-12$250.00
LRS-53-24$175.00 LRS-54-20$200.00 LRS-55-15$250.00
LRS-53-28$175.00 LRS-54-24$200.00 LRS-55-20$250.00
LRS 56 Series LRS-54-28$200.00 LRS-55-24$250.00
LRS-56-5$300.00 LRS 57 Series LRS-55-28$250.00
LRS-56-6$300.00 LRS-57-5$400.00 LRS 58 Series
LRS-56-6$300.00 LRS-57-6$400.00 LRS-58-5$500.00
LRS-56-12$300.00 LRS-57-12$400.00 LRS-58-6$500.00
LRS-56-15$300.00 LRS-57-15$400.00 LRS-58-12$500.00
LRS-56-20$300.00 LRS-57-20$400.00 LRS-58-15$500.00
LRS-56-24$300.00 LRS-57-24$400.00 LRS-58-20$500.00
LRS-56-28$300.00 LRS-57-28$400.00 LRS-58-24$500.00
LZS Series PS Series LRS-58-28$500.00
LZS-50-1$175.00 PS-10-24$175.00 RWS Series
LZS-50-2$175.00 PS-10-36$175.00 RWS100A-5$125.00
LZS-50-3$175.00 PS-10-48$175.00 RWS100A-12$125.00
LZS-100-1$175.00 PS-11-24$200.00 RWS100A-15$125.00
LZS-150-1$225.00 PS-11-36$200.00 RWS100A-24$125.00
LZS-150-2$225.00 PS-11-48$200.00 RWS100A-48$125.00
LZS-150-3$225.00 PS-12-24$250.00 RWS150A-5$150.00
LZS-250-1$250.00 PS-12-36$250.00 RWS150A-12$150.00
LZS-250-2$250.00 PS-12-48$250.00 RWS150A-15$150.00
LZS-250-3$250.00 PS-14-24$300.00 RWS150A-24$150.00
LZS-500-1$350.00 PS-14-36$300.00 RWS150A-48$150.00
LZS-500-2$350.00 PS-14-48$300.00 RWS200A-5$175.00
LZS-500-3$350.00 SE Series RWS200A-12$175.00
LZS-750-1$450.00 SE-50-1$175.00 RWS200A-15$175.00
LZS-750-2$450.00 SE-50-2$175.00 RWS200A-24$175.00
LZS-750-3$450.00 SE-50-3$175.00 RWS300A-5$200.00
LZS-1000-1$550.00 SE-50-4$175.00 RWS300A-12$200.00
LZS-1000-2$550.00 SE-150-1$225.00 RWS300A-15$200.00
LZS-1000-3$550.00 SE-150-2$225.00 RWS300A-24$200.00
LZS-1500-1$750.00 SE-150-3$225.00 RWS450A-5$250.00
LZS-1500-2$750.00 SE-250-1$250.00 RWS450A-12$250.00
LZS-1500-3$750.00 SE-250-2$250.00 RWS450A-15$250.00
LZS-2000-1$750.00 SE-250-3$250.00 RWS450A-24$250.00
LZS-2000-2$750.00 SE-500-1$350.00 RWS600A-5$350.00
LZS-2000-3$750.00 SE-500-2$350.00 RWS600A-6$350.00
RWS 1000 Series SE-500-3$350.00 RWS600A-12$350.00
RWS1000A-5$450.00 SE-750-1$450.00 RWS600A-15$350.00
RWS1000A-6$450.00 SE-750-2$450.00 RWS600A-24$350.00
RWS1000A-12$450.00 SE-750-3$450.00 RWS600A-28$350.00
RWS1000A-15$450.00 SE-1000-1$550.00 RWS600A-48$350.00
RWS1000A-24$450.00 SE-1000-2$550.00 LNS Y Series
RWS1000A-28$450.00 SE-1000-3$550.00 LNS-Y-5-OV$100.00
RWS1000A-48$450.00 SE-1500-1$750.00 LNS-Y-6$100.00
LDS P Series SE-1500-2$750.00 LNS-Y-12$100.00
LDS-P-01$250.00 SE-1500-3$750.00 LNS-Y-15$100.00
LDS-P-02$250.00 LNS-Y-20$100.00
LDS-P-03$250.00 LNS-Y-24$100.00
HP 62003A$150.00 HP 62003C$200.00 HP 62003E$250.00
HP 62004A$150.00 HP 62004C$200.00 HP 62004E$250.00
HP 62005A$150.00 HP 62005C$200.00 HP 62005E$250.00
HP 62006A$150.00 HP 62006C$200.00 HP 62006E$250.00
HP 62010A$150.00 HP 62010C$200.00 HP 62010E$250.00
HP 62012A$150.00 HP 62012C$200.00 HP 62012E$250.00
HP 62015A$150.00 HP 62015C$200.00 HP 62015E$250.00
HP 62018A$150.00 HP 62018C$200.00 HP 62018E$250.00
HP 62024A$150.00 HP 62024C$200.00 HP 62024E$250.00
HP 62028A$150.00 HP 62028C$200.00 HP 62028E$250.00
HP 62048A$150.00 HP 62048C$200.00 HP 62048E$250.00
HP 6002A$400.00 HP 62212A$150.00 HP 62003G$300.00
HP 6002A Opt. 1 Only$150.00 HP 62212E$250.00 HP 62004G$300.00
HP 59501A$150.00 HP 62215A$150.00 HP 62005G$300.00
HP 59501B$150.00 HP 62215E$250.00 HP 62006G$300.00
HP 6104A$200.00 HP 6177C$250.00 HP 62010G$300.00
HP 6105A$200.00 HP 6181C$250.00 HP 62012G$300.00
HP 6111A$150.00 HP 6186C$350.00 HP 62015G$300.00
HP 6112A$150.00 HP 6824A$300.00 HP 62018G$300.00
HP 6113A$150.00 HP 6825A$300.00 HP 62024G$300.00
HP 6114A$200.00 HP 6826A$300.00 HP 62028G$300.00
HP 6115A$200.00 HP 6827A$300.00 HP 62048G$300.00
HP 6010A$750.00 HP 6200B$100.00 HP 6256B$300.00
HP 6011A$750.00 HP 6201B$100.00 HP 6259B$400.00
HP 6012A$450.00 HP 6202B$100.00 HP 6260B$400.00
HP 6012B$750.00 HP 6203B$100.00 HP 6261B$400.00
HP 6015B$750.00 HP 6204B$100.00 HP 6263B$250.00
HP 6023A$450.00 HP 6205B$100.00 HP 6264B$300.00
HP 6024A$450.00 HP 6205C$100.00 HP 6265B$250.00
HP 6028A$450.00 HP 6206B$100.00 HP 6266B$250.00
HP Agilent 6030A$850.00 HP 6207B$100.00 HP 6267B$300.00
HP Agilent 6031A$850.00 HP 6209B$100.00 HP 6268B$400.00
HP Agilent 6032A$850.00 HP 6212B$65.00 HP 6269B$500.00
HP Agilent 6033A$750.00 HP 6214B$65.00 HP 6271B$250.00
HP 6034A$750.00 HP 6215A$65.00 HP 6274B$350.00
HP Agilent 6035A$750.00 HP 6216B$65.00 HP 6281A$150.00
HP Agilent 6038A$750.00 HP 6218B$65.00 HP 6282A$200.00
HP 6433B$250.00 HP 6234A$175.00 HP 6284A$150.00
HP 6434B$300.00 HP 6235A$175.00 HP 6286A$200.00
HP 6438A$250.00 HP 6236B$175.00 HP 6289A$150.00
HP 6443B$250.00 HP 6237B$175.00 HP 6290A$200.00
HP 6448B$300.00 HP 6227B$200.00 HP 6291A$200.00
HP Agilent 6541A$550.00 HP 6228B$200.00 HP 6294A$150.00
HP Agilent 6542A$550.00 HP 6253A$225.00 HP 6296A$200.00
HP Agilent 6543A$550.00 HP 6255A$225.00 HP 6299A$150.00
HP Agilent 6544A$550.00 HP Agilent 66332A$450.00 HP Agilent 6631A$350.00
HP Agilent 6545A$550.00 HP Agilent 6632B$450.00 HP Agilent 6632A$350.00
HP Agilent 6641A$550.00 HP Agilent 6633B$450.00 HP Agilent 6633A$350.00
HP Agilent 6642A$550.00 HP Agilent 6634B$450.00 HP Agilent 6634A$350.00
HP Agilent 6643A$550.00 HP Agilent 6551A$750.00 HP Agilent 6651A$750.00
HP Agilent 6644A$550.00 HP Agilent 6552A$750.00 HP Agilent 6652A$750.00
HP Agilent 6645A$550.00 HP Agilent 6553A$750.00 HP Agilent 6653A$750.00
HP Agilent 6621A$650.00 HP Agilent 6554A$750.00 HP Agilent 6654A$750.00
HP Agilent 6622A$650.00 HP Agilent 6555A$750.00 HP Agilent 6655A$750.00
HP Agilent 6623A$650.00 HP Agilent 6571A$950.00 HP Agilent 6671A$950.00
HP Agilent 6624A$650.00 HP Agilent 6572A$950.00 HP Agilent 6672A$950.00
HP Agilent 6625A$650.00 HP Agilent 6573A$950.00 HP Agilent 6673A$950.00
HP Agilent 6626A$650.00 HP Agilent 6574A$950.00 HP Agilent 6674A$950.00
HP Agilent 6627A$650.00 HP Agilent 6575A$950.00 HP Agilent 6675A$950.00
HP Agilent 6628A$650.00 HP Agilent E4356A$950.00 HP Agilent E3610A$175.00
HP Agilent 6629A$650.00 HP Agilent E3620A$250.00 HP Agilent E3611A$175.00
HP Agilent E3640A$250.00 HP Agilent E3630A$250.00 HP Agilent E3612A$175.00
HP Agilent E3641A$250.00 HP Agilent E3631A$300.00 HP Agilent E3614A$200.00
HP Agilent E3642A$250.00 HP Agilent E3632A$300.00 HP Agilent E3615A$225.00
HP Agilent E3643A$250.00 HP Agilent E3633A$350.00 HP Agilent E3616A$225.00
HP Agilent E3644A$250.00 HP Agilent E3634A$350.00 HP Agilent E3617A$225.00
HP Agilent E3645A$250.00 HP Agilent E3646A$250.00 HP Agilent E3647A$250.00
HP Agilent E3648A$300.00 HP Agilent E3649A$300.00
ATE6-5M$200.00 ATE6-10M$200.00 ATE6-25M$300.00
ATE15-3M$200.00 ATE15-6M$200.00 ATE15-15M$300.00
ATE25-2M$200.00 ATE25-4M$200.00 ATE25-10M$300.00
ATE36-1.5M$200.00 ATE36-3M$200.00 ATE36-8M$300.00
ATE55-1M$200.00 ATE55-2M$200.00 ATE55-5M$300.00
ATE75-0.7$200.00 ATE75-1.5M$200.00 ATE75-3M$300.00
ATE100-0.5M$200.00 ATE100-1M$200.00 ATE100-2.5M$300.00
ATE150-0.3M$200.00 ATE150-0.7MA$200.00 ATE150-1.5M$300.00
ATE6-50M$350.00 ATE6-100M$400.00 ATE325-0.8$300.00
ATE15-35M$350.00 ATE15-50M$400.00 BOP20-5M$400.00
ATE25-20M$350.00 ATE25-40M$400.00 BOP100-1M$400.00
ATE36-15M$350.00 ATE36-30M$400.00 BOP20-10M$450.00
ATE55-10M$350.00 ATE55-20M$400.00 BOP36-6M$450.00
ATE75-8M$350.00 ATE75-15M$400.00 BOP50-4M$450.00
ATE100-5M$350.00 ATE100-10M$400.00 BOP72-3M$450.00
ATE150-3.5M$350.00 ATE150-7M$400.00 BOP100-2M$450.00
JQE6-10M$200.00 JQE6-22M$300.00 BOP200-2M$450.00
JQE15-6M$200.00 JQE15-12M$300.00 BOP20-20M$550.00
JQE25-4M$200.00 JQE25-10M$300.00 BOP36-12M$550.00
JQE36-3M$200.00 JQE36-8M$300.00 BOP50-8M$550.00
JQE55-2M$200.00 JQE55-5M$300.00 BOP72-6M$550.00
JQE75-1.5M$200.00 JQE75-3M$300.00 BOP100-4M$550.00
JQE100-1M$200.00 JQE100-2.5M$300.00 JQE6-45M$300.00
JQE6-90M$400.00 MPS620M$200.00 JQE15-25M$300.00
JQE15-50M$400.00 MSK10-10M$200.00 JQE25-20M$300.00
JQE25-40M$400.00 MSK20-5M$200.00 JQE36-15M$300.00
JQE36-30M$400.00 MSK40-2.5M$200.00 JQE55-10M$300.00
JQE55-20M$400.00 MSK60-2M$200.00 JQE75-8M$300.00
JQE75-15M$400.00 MSK125-1M$200.00 JQE100-5M$300.00
JQE100-10M$400.00 JQE150-7M$400.00 JQE150-3.5M$300.00

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